As a small business ourselves, the Advocate knows that neighborhood small businesses are hurting. We’re helping for the duration of the crisis by building a directory and hosting ads for businesses that need help the most.

  • Just classics: Dugg Burger focuses on simple ingredients

    imple done exceptional” is the mantra Scott Terraciano-Spence and his business partners Jeff Braunstein and Martin Hennessy used to create Dugg Burger. After working in the corporate restaurant industry for years, [...]

  • Why East Dallas loves White Rock Coffee

    Photography by Kathy Tran hite Rock Coffee takes coffee seriously. After opening in 2005, it has expanded to own a commercial bakery, roaster, warehouse and a handful of [...]

  • Four neighborhood barbecue joints worth the wait

    BLACK GOLD When Brooklyn claimed to be taking over the barbecue world, even stiff-necked Sen. Ted Cruz clapped back with, “Bless your hearts” on Twitter. Any fool knows Texans don’t need to leave [...]