The parcels are outlined in red, on Skillman between Oram and La Vista.

The owner of a 1.49-acre property on Skillman Street between Oram Street and La Vista Drive has requested a zoning change to consolidate the area.

There are five parcels in that area, and they currently have different zoning classifications. One is zoned for community retail (CR) and has an existing shopping center. One is zoned for parking. One is zoned for limited office space and has a vacant Wells Fargo building scheduled to be demolished. And two are zoned for multifamily uses but are currently vacant and are used for parking.

The owner wants all of these five parcels to be zoned for community retail to “make the current shopping center and parking layout more efficient and to unify dumpster locations.” This is so the owner can repave the parking lot, add parking spaces and redo the layout for parking, dumpster locations and screening on the property.

Around the area in question, properties are zoned for multifamily uses, neighborhood services retail, a conservation district and community retail. Just west of the property is Chip’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers and Matt’s Rancho Martinez.

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