One of the reasons that we should not vote on the Trinity toll road is that it will horribly delay the project. That’s what Dallas’ Only Daily Newspaper keeps insisting, along with everyone who has a financial interest in keeping the toll road as is.

But it turns out that the Army Corps of Engineers, which has all sorts of responsibility for the project, says otherwise. KERA radio did a story yesterday that quoted a Corps official: "The current schedule for the Dallas Floodway Study is for completion of a final feasibility report in August 2008. The vote or the proposed vote, we don’t think it wouldn’t have a large impact on us as we have made some assumptions that keep moving along with our project."

So much for the project unraveling if we vote on it, eh? (By the way, my TrinityVote yard sign arrived the other day. A very fashionable light blue and white.)

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