Fireworks. Photo by Renee Umsted.

With the Fourth of July coming up this weekend, Dallas Fire-Rescue is alerting the public to how it will respond.

Fire inspectors will respond to complaints of illegal fireworks over the weekend at two spots in our neighborhood, White Rock Lake and Samuell-Grand Park, as well as Mountain Creek Lake and the Trinity Levee/Bridge.

Dallas police officers will also be responding to complaints and patrolling neighborhoods July 3-4 for illegal fireworks.

Anyone who has or is using fireworks will have the fireworks taken from them, and a citation will be issued. Fines can be up to $2,000.

Last year, about 1,300 pounds of fireworks were collected by Dallas Fire-Rescue and the Dallas Police Department. In addition, 13 citations were issued.

Fireworks are illegal within city limits and up to 5,000 feet outside the City of Dallas. They can be dangerous to people, and they can make pets anxious, too.

To see fireworks, one option is to attend the free show at Fair Park. The event starts at 4:30 p.m. July 4.