OT Tavern has to comply with several rules, including additional security measures and changes to hours of operation.

By mid-November, the bar at 3606 Greenville Ave. must stop admitting guests at 12:15 a.m. on most weeknights and have the place cleared out by 12:45 a.m. Between now and then, the business hours will be stepping down, according to an email from Lower Greenville Neighborhood Association’s Darren Dattalo.

Also, OT Tavern has to begin using a valet service. And the bar has to have six security guards on duty, including one trained in crowd control. Outdoor speakers must be shut off by sundown.

Another change is that the bar will be able to continue operating for two years with its nonconforming status. After that time, it will lose that use.

“Since the board was inclined to place the needs of a strip club [Bar 3606] over the safety of a neighborhood, we encouraged the prosecutor to work out a settlement on the remaining case with OT Tavern,” Dattalo said.

In May, the Board of Adjustment ruled in favor of Bar 3606, which, like OT Tavern, is nearby a residential area and blocks from Mockingbird Elementary. The bar is nonconforming, meaning it no longer conforms to Dallas Development Code regulations. No compliance date was set for the property, which is selling alcohol even though its zoning does not allow for it. Bar 3606 continues to operate on a grandfathered alcoholic beverage permit.

The Dallas City Council asked the board in December to set a compliance date for OT Tavern. Neighbors have long complained about violence and other issues stemming from the bar.

To see the documents presented to the Board of Adjustment in the OT Tavern case, click here. Start on page 169.

Click on the link below to see the settlement paperwork.

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