A Board of Adjustment meeting scheduled for Wednesday to review the use of OT Tavern on Greenville Avenue has been canceled because of lack of quorum. That means not enough board members were present to conduct the meeting.

The item is expected to be heard at the April 21 meeting, but the schedule has not been confirmed.

Property owners Uptown Ventures LLC & Hillcrest Towers LLC and tenant G P Sports NSL Inc. had requested the case be held until April 21 anyway. Jill Haning, executive assistant city attorney, previously said she would not be surprised if the board agreed to the continuance.

The Dallas City Council asked the Board of Adjustment to initiate a compliance date for OT Tavern in December after many neighbors complained about fights, noise and parking violations.

The property is nonconforming, meaning it was established lawfully but no longer conforms to current Dallas Development Code regulations. If the board establishes a compliance date, the business must cease operations, and it may not operate until it becomes a conforming use. That would now require a special-use permit.

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