The Board of Adjustment denied the Dallas City Council’s request to initiate a compliance date for a Greenville Avenue nightclub that neighbors say is embroiled in fights, shootouts and drug use.

The City Council initiated the review of Bar 3606 in a January resolution. The Council was represented by the City Attorney’s Office.

Bar 3606, of SNNR Ventures, is zoned for community retail, which allows for a restaurant, but not an alcoholic beverage establishment. This site has continued to operate on a grandfathered alcoholic beverage permit.

The property is nonconforming, meaning it was established lawfully but no longer conforms to current Dallas Development Code regulations. If the board had set a compliance date, the business would have been required to cease operations until it became a conforming use. That would now require a special-use permit.

In a statement, SNNR Ventures attorneys said that “there is no basis to conclude that continued operation will threaten public health and safety.” The attorneys said they filed an open records requests, and the produced crime reports showed that citations were not given to the bar’s patrons, nor did any violent crime occur inside the bar.

They also said the establishment has not been linked to the June 2020 and October 2020 shootings that occurred in the area. Bar 3606 has not been issued a noise citation, and 311 calls reflect occurrences at neighboring businesses, they said.

The decision to deny the request is final unless appealed to state court within 10 days.

“The BoA ruled in favor of having scantily clad pole dancers and bottle service operating next door to residential property and 1,200 feet from an elementary school,” said Darren Dattalo of the Lower Greenville Neighborhood Association Crime Watch. “After years of no action by the city, we finally got some movement, and losing this is a huge blow to our neighborhood.”

The City Council took a similar course of action against beleaguered bar OT Tavern, located next door to Bar 3606. The Board of Adjustment will hear that case in June.