His DNA was a match for DNA collected in all three crimes.

His DNA was a match for DNA collected in all three crimes.

Police released the photo of Cesar Benitez, the guy who stands accused of committing two aggravated sexual assaults, burglary and a third attempted aggravated sexual assault in a neighborhood just north of White Rock Lake. They previously were not releasing the photo pending a police lineup.

It originally was reported that the accused was born in 1982, but he was born in 80, police say. Benitez also has gone by the name Pino Porcayo.

He is in custody at Dallas’ county jail and has a $4.5 million bond. Even in the unlikely event that he comes up with the bond money, he would not be released, according to police records, because he is on an “Immigration and Customs Enforcement” hold, indicating he is not a U.S. citizen.

Remember, just because this [alleged] creep-o is in custody with no foreseeable release anytime soon doesn’t mean we can let our guard down.

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