AlexWAlex Winslow announced this morning that he has withdrawn his rezoning request for the property at the northeast corner of Richmond and Abrams.

“It’s off the table,” Winslow says. “I told everybody that if it didn’t get support I’d pull it. And it didn’t, so I am.

“Many of the nine neighbors in the notification zone feel as though their backs are up against the wall. And so, it does not allow for full and open discussion of this project. They were not willing to have a discussion. No one wanted to even remotely discuss the merits of the project.”

From here, Winslow says he plans to renovate the home and rent it out as soon as possible.

Before the rezoning request removal, we talked with some of the neighbors, which was discussed in an earlier post. This morning, next door neighbors Charlotte Bristow and Carl Dreher at 6409 Richmond copied us on a letter to Alex Winslow (dated April 8 2013), listing some of their concerns about the possible zoning change.

Winslow says he met with Gloria Tarpley yesterday afternoon to discuss his plans and intentions for rezoning with her, and she met with neighbors yesterday evening. This morning Winslow announced his withdrawal. We’ve put in a message with Tarpley to get her perspective.

As a courtesy, Winslow says he plans to attend the Lakewood Neighborhood Association meeting tonight to announce the withdrawal to the membership. The Lakewood Neighborhood Association is meeting tonight at 6:30 p.m. at Times Ten Cellars at 6324 Prospect.

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