I have to stop reading Dallas’ Only Daily Newspaper. Otherwise, I’m going to plotz.

The editorial earlier this week outlining the need to build the Marvin Nichols reservoir in East Texas mentions that Dallas is "no slouch" when it comes to conserving water. I don’t know enough about the Nichols reservoir to comment on its need, but I do know that Dallas is quite a slouch when it comes to conserving water. The News mentions an 11 percent conservation goal, yet San Antonio has already reduced use by 25 percent. Both San Antonio and Austin offer cash rebates for residents who install low-flush toilets, among other residential rebate programs. Dallas has a pilot program. Those two cities also have robust restaurant conservation programs (restaurants being notorious users of water). Dallas has a pilot program. Our daily water use is also among the highest in the state.

Why are we so lax in conservation? Who knows? But the attitude displayed by The News points to one of the problems.

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