Vintage and pre-owned items are in style.

Their appeal lies in several traits. Purchasing a pre-owned item is more sustainable than purchasing a brand new one. Sometimes, they were made using different methods or more durable materials than those included in today’s manufacturing process, making them long-lasting. And of course, there’s the aesthetic interest.

Neighbors can find many of these kinds of items on the Lakewood/East Dallas Online Garage Sale group.

Here are a few pieces on the virtual marketplace that caught our attention.

1. American Airlines aircraft beverage cart

American Airlines beverage cart. Photo courtesy of Lauren Nicole via Facebook.

This cart was used on an airplane for years. Though it has signs of use, its wheels and rolling locks still work. It has six inserts and three serving trays of different sizes. Each of the pieces has the old airline logo.

Our neighbor won’t take less than $600 for the cart, standing 41 inches tall, 33 inches wide and 12 inches deep.

2. 1960s Corning Ware browning skillet with lid

Corning browning dish with lid. Photo courtesy of Lane Sciple via Facebook.

This browning dish features the colonial blue farmhouse pattern. It was made for the Amana Radarrange by Corning.

These dishes were said to promote browning in food because of the coated tin oxide inside the bottom of the dish, measuring 2 inches deep. This one has two scuff marks on the handle.

It’s listed at $28.

3. Corning Ware casserole dish

Corning casserole dish with lid. Photo courtesy of Lane Sciple via Facebook.

The same seller is offering a casserole dish, also produced by Corning Ware and made in the United States. It has a blue cornflower graphic on it.

The one-quart casserole dish comes with a lid and is listed at $18.

4. Cowboy Pools stock tank pool

Stock tank. Photo courtesy of Jordyn Perry via Facebook.

This is an 8-foot stock tank pool made by Cowboy Pools, and it comes with a sand pump filter and unopened supplies including a net, pool cover, chlorine tablets, a temperature gauge and more.

These pools are sturdy, easy to step in and out and are great for lounging and keeping cool. But our neighbor says it can be hooked up to a camping heater, transforming it into a hot tub.

Kids who aren’t great swimmers can use them, too, since they’re only 2 feet deep.

It’s listed at $1,500.

5. Massage table

Massage table. Photo courtesy of Erin McSweeny via Facebook.

This massage table was made by Living Earth Crafts, which has been in business since 1973. The company’s website says it uses farmed and renewable wood sources from managed forests and offsets its carbon footprint with tree-planting initiatives.

It’s red and is listed at $90.