The Lakewood/East Dallas Online Garage Sale page is filled with listings of items neighbors can no longer use, no longer want or no longer need. Mostly, those items are pieces of furniture, clothes or goods that just don’t fit anymore.

But there are always a few objects that stand out from the rest. They’re a little more unique, interesting, peculiar.

Here’s a collection of some of those things.

Neighbors have listed not one but two engagement rings. One was posted with a certificate of appraisal and its size.

Photo courtesy of Lindsey Kay via Facebook.

But the seller of the other ring included a bit more context with his listing. He let neighbors know he is selling the ring for his friend, who purchased the emerald engagement ring from Kay Jewelers in 2015. It’s not produced anymore. The engagement was called off, and the ring was never worn.

Photo courtesy of Stanley Corbett via Facebook.

Trekkie neighbors were probably intrigued by these 1966 Chromcraft chairs. They’re in original condition, with no rips or tears. The swivel mechanism has also been repaired, so they move back into place whenever someone stands up.

Photo courtesy of Kirk King via Facebook.

Photo courtesy of Kirk King via Facebook.

Neighbors can usually find a few antique or vintage items on the garage sale group. For example, there’s a Cary Safe Co. floor safe for sale. The defunct company was founded in the late 1800s in Buffalo, New York. This particular safe is still in working condition and comes with a wheeled cart.

Photo courtesy of Leroy Ogden via Facebook.

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