Antique birthing chair being sold by Karen Bogart Ross on Lakewood/East Dallas Online Garage Sale.

East Dallas neighbors are nothing if not diverse.

Just look at the Lakewood/East Dallas Online Garage Sale Facebook page. Most of the items for sale are ordinary and won’t make anyone think twice: furniture that won’t fit in a new space, clothes that are outgrown or purchases that can’t be returned.

But some of the listings are much more unusual.

Take, for example, this antique birthing chair, from a seller in Cedar Hill. The item can be used after giving birth as well, as a milking stool. Sorry, it’s not in perfect condition, given the crack in one of the handles. But it is an antique. (If anyone has any information about how this chair works, please notify our staff. Curious minds want to know.)

Antique birthing chair.

Not all of the hard-to-find items are vintage, though. One neighbor is selling a Givenchy bag from 2019 that’s apparently not easy to buy online. It was used only twice, and it comes at a price of $2,000.

2019 Givenchy bag.

Just as interesting as the items for sale are the descriptions East Dallasites write to go along with them.

This one resembles something that could be published on a retailer’s website and matches the ornate look of the piece: “Chinoiserie heaven: This stunning vintage Broyhill Premier armoire is the perfect tough of style to a living area or bedroom. Beautiful lines with two-tone wood featuring the coolest burl mosaic style front cabinet doors.”

Broyhill Premier armoire.

And this one, for a Batch Commuter bike, is copied directly from the original manufacturer, the seller admits: “Sometimes, my friend, you’re riding just to ride. We love that. And sometimes you’ve got a destination in mind. Guess what? We love that, too. That’s why we designed the Commuter to be an easy, reliable traveler.”

Batch Commuter bike.

Sometimes neighbors have a hard time getting a photo to post. All Pam Lemoine wanted was a couple good shots of this mirror, but her dog didn’t want to move out of the frame. Most neighbors probably aren’t upset about it, though.

Pam Lemoine’s dog wouldn’t move out of the frame.

Dogs are an important part of our neighborhood. One neighbor even used the Online Garage Sale page to share news of lost dogs she found and ask others to help spread the word to reunite the pups with their neighbors.

Contact Delia Elisabeth if these are your dogs.