From the reopening of the Lakewood Theater to the ghastly construction of Snooze in Casa Linda, 2019 was another eventful year in East Dallas.

It wasn’t a particularly rosy year for the neighborhood. We said goodbye to The Grape, endured the embarrassment of Taco Truck Tammy and mourned when Woodrow grad Evan Faram was killed in a scooter crash.

And who could forget the June storm that downed trees and left thousands of neighbors without power?

But 2019 wasn’t all bad. We were all satisfied when the mysterious Dallas Water Utilities house on Greenville Avenue was identified and celebrated when Bowlski’s at the Lakewood Theater brought new entertainment options to the neighborhood.

Here are the most-read stories of 2019.

10. Why did Dallas Water Utilities own a house on Greenville Avenue?

9. Woodrow grad Evan Faram killed in LA scooter crash

8. How to make The Grape’s famous mushroom soup

7. Neighbor Colleen Coyle says farewell to WFAA after 9 years

6. Exclusive first look: The Lakewood Theater is now a bowling alley

5. Here’s what streets are closing this weekend for the Dallas Marathon

4. “Taco Truck Tammy” who threatened to call ICE on food truck vendors is from Lakewood

3. Construction on Snooze isn’t looking good in Casa Linda

2. Here’s when you might get your power back

1. How suburbanites cheat their way into Booker T. Washington

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