Lakewood neighbor Valerie Jacobs likes tacos, just not in her neighborhood. In a now-viral video, the resident threatened to call Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Latina women operating a food truck in the neighborhood.

The 49-second video posted April 4 shows Jacobs asking the taco truck vendors to “please move” after they parked near construction sites on her street. Although it’s a residential area, the vendors say they had a permit to operate.

When one woman begins talking in Spanish, Jacobs says, “OK baby girl, vamanos. I’ll call ICE.”

In an interview with ABC affiliate WFFA, Jacobs blamed the outburst on construction noise that hindered the sale of her home. The real estate agency is no longer representing the sale of her house, according to the Daily Mail.

“It was an unfortunate comment,” she told WFAA. “I wish I’d used my words better.”

Jacobs, who has been nicknamed “Taco Truck Tammy” online, also says the food truck vendors instigated the confrontation. She told NBC DFW that she filed a police report for harassment after one of the women can be heard on the video calling her an expletive.

The video had more than 76,000 views as of 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Before her rise to notoriety, Jacobs led a team of chefs at the culinary class and catering business Let’s Get Cooking. The business’ website and Facebook page have been taken down.

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