Meteorologist Colleen Coyle announced Wednesday that she is leaving ABC affiliate WFAA for good after nine years at the station.

In January, Coyle took a leave of absence so she and her husband could adopt their foster child. She returned to the air in March, but as she prepared for the second half of her adoption leave, Coyle decided to resign from her tenured career.

In a video posted Wednesday, the Channel 8 weather woman says the past six months have been tough balancing being a wife, a mom, an employee and a storm chaser.

“The world says, ‘You can have it all. You can do it all.’ But sometimes you just can’t,” she says. “When you give time to something, something else has to give. That was a really hard reality for me to accept.”

The meteorologist also says a large chunk of her identity has come from work, but stepping away from WFAA will change that.

“My identity and my self worth are not found in what I do, but it’s found in Christ.”

Coyle will officially say farewell at 4p.m. Friday on WFAA.

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