The 2019 Dallas marathon course.

Several streets in Lakewood and East Dallas will be temporarily closed this weekend as thousands of runners compete in events organized by the BMW Dallas Marathon.

The two-day event begins Saturday with a 2-mile walk, a 5K and a 10K. It ends Sunday with a half marathon and full marathon that passes through Greenville Avenue, the M Streets, Lakewood, White Rock Lake and Swiss Avenue.

The following roads will be closed Sunday. Times may be altered because of delays.

Street closed Portion closed From To Closed time Open time
Young St Entire Road Field St Lamar St 07:55 09:45
Wood St Entire Road Lamar St Market St 07:56 09:48
Market St Entire Road Wood St Main St 07:57 09:52
Main St Entire Road Market St Commerce St 07:57 09:52
Commerce St Westbound Lanes Main St Riverfront Blvd 07:58 09:56
Riverfront Blvd Northbound Lanes Commerce St Continental Ave 08:00 09:59
Continental Ave Eastbound Lanes Riverfront Blvd Median Break W of I-35 Access Rd 08:02 10:07
Continental Ave Westbound Lanes Median Break W of I-35 Access Rd Lamar St 08:02 10:07
Lamar St Entire Road Continental Blvd Houston St 08:03 10:10
Houston St Northbound Lanes + 1 Southbound Lane Lamar St Olive St 08:03 10:10
Olive St Eastbound Lanes Houston St Field St 08:05 10:14
Olive St Entire Road Field St Cedar Springs Rd 08:05 10:14
Cedar Springs Rd Northbound Lanes Olive St Maple Ave 08:07 10:22
Cedar Springs Rd Southbound Lanes Maple Ave Turtle Creek Blvd 08:07 10:22
Turtle Creek Blvd Northbound Lanes Cedar Springs Rd Wycliff Ave / Fitzhugh Ave 08:11 10:33
Lakeside Dr Entire Road Wycliff Ave / Fitzhugh Ave Armstrong Ave 08:17 10:51
Armstrong Ave Entire Road Lakeside Dr Highland Dr 08:18 10:55
Highland Dr Entire Road Armstrong Ave Drexel Dr 08:18 10:55
Drexel Dr Entire Road Highland Dr Beverly Dr 08:20 10:59
Beverly Dr Entire Road Drexel Dr Sewanee Ave 08:23 11:10
Sewanee Ave Entire Road Beverly Dr Cornell Ave 08:27 11:21
Cornell Ave Entire Road Sewanee Dr Airline Rd 08:27 11:21
Airline Rd Entire Road Beverly Dr SB I-75 Access Rd 08:27 11:21
SB I-75 Access Rd Entire Road Airline Dr McCommas Blvd 08:28 11:25
McCommas Blvd Entire Road SB I-75 Access Rd Greenville Ave 08:28 11:25
RELAY – I-75 Access Road Entire Road McCommas Blvd Martel Ave 08:28 11:25
RELAY – Martel Ave Entire Road I-75 Access Road McMillan Ave 08:28 11:25
RELAY – McMillan Ave Entire Road Martel Ave McCommas Blvd 08:28 11:25
Greenville Ave Entire Road McCommas Blvd Richmond Ave 08:32 11:36
Richmond Ave Entire Road Greenville Ave Skillman St 08:37 11:51
Skillman St Entire Road Richmond Ave Swiss Ave 08:40 16:15
Swiss Ave Entire Road Skillman St Fitzhugh Ave 08:43 16:15
Fitzhugh Ave Entire Road Swiss Ave Gaston Ave 08:47 16:15
Gaston Ave Entire Road Fitzhugh Ave Haskell Ave 08:47 16:15
Haskell Ave Entire Road Gaston Ave Elm St 08:51 16:15
Elm St Entire Road Haskell Ave N 2nd Ave 08:52 16:15
N 2nd Ave Entire Road Elm St Main St 08:55 16:15
Main St Entire Road N 2nd Ave Good Latimer Expy 08:55 16:15
Good Latimer Expy Southbound Lanes Main St Canton St 08:57 16:15
Canton St Entire Road Good Latimer Expy South Pearl Expy 08:57 16:15
Young St Entire Road South Pearl Expy Field St 08:58 16:15
Ervay St Entire Road Young St Canton St 09:00 16:15
Richmond Ave Entire Road Skillman St Alderson St 08:40 16:15
Alderson St Entire Road Richmond Ave Belmont Ave 08:41 16:15
Belmont Ave Entire Road Alderson St Abrams Rd 08:41 16:15
Lakewood Blvd Entire Road Abrams Rd Tokalon Dr 08:42 16:15
Tokalon Dr Entire Road Lakewood Ave Winstead Dr 08:46 16:15
Winstead Dr Entire Road Tokalon Dr White Rock Rd 08:47 16:15
White Rock Rd Entire Road Winstead Dr W Lawther Dr 08:48 16:15
W Lawther Dr Entire Road White Rock Rd Williamson Rd 08:50 16:15
W Lawther Dr Entire Road Williamson Rd Mockingbird Ln 08:52 16:15
Mockingbird Ln Eastbound Lanes W Lawther Dr Scout Hill Dr 09:06 16:15
Scout Hill Dr Entire Road Mockingbird Ln E Lawther Dr 09:10 16:15
E Lawther Dr Entire Road Scout Hill Dr Emerald Isle Dr 09:10 16:15
Winstead Dr Entire Road Garland Rd White Rock Rd 09:33 16:15
Exposition Ave Entire Road Elm St Main St 10:00 16:15
ULTRA – Santa Monica Entire Road Sante Fe Ave Santa Fe Trail 10:10 15:30
ULTRA – W Shore Entire Road La Vista Dr Santa Fe Trail 10:10 15:30
ULTRA – Brookside Dr Entire Road Covington Ln Sante Fe Ave 10:20 15:00

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