Photo courtesy of Zalat Pizza via Facebook.

Zalat Pizza won’t open in the former 20 Feet Seafood spot on Peavy Road near Garland Road after all.

The Advocate reported in November that the pizza chain had planned to open a new location in our neighborhood.

But Zalat’s founder and CEO, Khanh Nguyen, told The Dallas Morning News the lease for the Peavy location, which wouldn’t have enough parking spaces, came with a “complex legal structure.”

When we initially shared Zalat’s plans to expand in East Dallas, neighbors let us know what they thought about it.

Here are a few comments from our Facebook page:

“That’s a jerk move … I thought Dalat was going in? That would have been a much smarter and nicer choice. These small businesses need to stop trying act like big businesses and work together.” — Deanna Balog

“Last thing we need is another pizza place.” — Shannon Cameron Carr

“Shoot! I was really hoping for Dalat. There’s so many pizza places nearby, but no good pho around Peavy/Garland/Buckner.” — Brenda Biggerstaff-Sanchez

“Whyyyy! GAPCo is all we need!!” — Wintress Ross

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