Rezoning sign in front of Lindsley Park Community School. Photo by Renee Umsted.

Lumin Lindsley Park Community School applied for a renewal of and amendment to its zoning to allow for a child care facility.

The school, which opened in 1999 as a Montessori charter school option for East Dallas neighbors, has a specific use permit zoning. Located east of Lindsley Avenue at its intersection with Tenison Memorial Drive, the school offers a Montessori education for students ages 3-9. It also has a home visiting parent education program available from pregnancy through age 3 to provide support for parents to become their children’s educators.

Lumin Education has two other campuses in Dallas. The first was established in East Dallas on Wayne Street and was known as the East Dallas Community School. Another location opened near Bachman Lake.

Lindsley Park Community School. Photo by Renee Umsted.

The Lindsley Park location spans about 2.8 acres and has a private school, an open-enrollment charter school, a residential structure at 812 Tenison Memorial Drive and accessory facilities such as play areas, parking and walkways.

It is surrounded by a park, a multifamily development and single-family residences.

The school wants to add a daycare facility, which is intended to serve infants through pre-K students. According to the zoning application, the proposed facility wouldn’t add more children to the area or require additional classrooms because there’s already enough outdoor and indoor space to comply with Texas requirements for child care facilities.


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