The White Rock Task Force started the year discussing everyone’s favorite neighborhood plight: bike share.

The group, which includes neighborhood association representatives and park advocates, deals with issues that impact White Rock Lake and the surrounding green space.

District 9 Park Board representative Becky Rader led a discussion about a possible remedy for the abundance of bike-share cycles at White Rock Lake.

“It’s like they are breeding in place,” one neighbor commented.

Rader said that the city may impose a limit on the number of bikes that companies can have in any one park. She discussed how many bicycles they have found vandalized and in the lake and how maintenance crews have to come pull them out of the water. The group also said the bikes will be in the way when mowers return in the spring.

Highland Park recently outlawed the bikes, which will be confiscated by the city government if found abandoned in the hamlet. The city will charge the corporations $30 for the first bike, $50 for the second and $75 for the third. After that, it will cost $100 for the companies to get their property back. After 15 days, the bikes will be auctioned.

The City of Dallas is unlikely to take such measures, but increased scrutiny prompted the City Council to make a decision on the issue this spring. Currently, there are no City of Dallas regulations about how many bikes can be in certain areas. WFAA reports that complaints to 311 about the bikes numbered 23 in September, but the city is already on pace to receive 265 complaints in January.

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