Lakewood might as well open a zoo. From wandering coyotes to feral hogs and your rather eccentric neighbors, there are plenty of exotic species to choose from. Just don’t forget to add wandering wallabies to the list.

Neighbor Casey Tiernan said Wednesday morning in a Facebook post that she found the marsupial hopping near her home in the 5900 block of Vickery Boulevard, near Greenville Avenue and the M Streets.

“Posts I never thought I’d write: If you are missing your kangaroo or wallaby, it’s chilling in my driveway,” she wrote. “Seems pretty tame and wants in the house. We’re trying to coax it into the backyard so it can have a safer place.”

A gaggle of reporters, neighbors and animal control workers herded the wallaby into the backyard, where they tried multiple times to catch it with a large net. Dallas Animal Services eventually wrangled the animal, but “not without some drama,” Tiernan wrote. The rescuer cradled the furry fella in his arms and was scratched on the neck.

The wallaby will be taken to a shelter until it can be taken to a sanctuary or reunited with its owners. Wallabies are not allowed as pets in the city without a permit.

While finding a wallaby is uncommon, it’s not unheard of. In June 2016, a wallaby was found living at a condo complex in Far North Dallas and was later relocated to the Dallas Zoo, according to the Dallas Morning News.