The Dallas City Plan Commission voted unanimously to keep open the public hearing and continue the discussion about a Whataburger drive-through at its May 20 meeting. District 9 Plan Commissioner Michael Jung made the motion to hold the case over, and all Plan Commissioners voted in agreement. City staff had supported Whatburger’s request.

The Whataburger would be built on the empty patch of grass at Arboretum Village, between Tom Thumb and Gaston Avenue. Deed restrictions on the property in place since 1977 currently prohibit any drive-through uses. Whataburger is seeking to terminate the deed restrictions.

These restrictions do not cover the Raising Cane’s site, where a drive-through now exists, because the Cane’s site is a separate parcel of property from Arboretum Village with different ownership.

The site plan presented by Whataburger shows a dual lane drive-through. As part of the request, the owners of Arboretum Village agreed to limit any additional drive-through uses at the center. Whataburger’s own traffic study shows 60-80 vehicles per hour coming for a burger and fries, with half of those trips already on the roads.

One neighbor voiced his support for the request. Six neighbors spoke in opposition, all citing the impact of a drive-through on the troubled 3G intersection. Jung peppered Whataburger’s representatives and City staff with questions around traffic, probing for answers about potential  back-ups on Gaston Avenue. After the questioning, concerns remained, so the case will continue to the May 20 meeting. Neighbors have a chance to weigh in on the issue at that meeting, too.