I still have to remind myself that 2323 N. Henderson is now a destination spot for lunch and dinner. It’s far enough from both Ross and Central Expressway that unless you’re specifically headed there, it’s easy to forget about it. But the tenants are working to make it less and less easy. I’ve heard Capitol Pub is hoppin’ on the weekends, and Glo Lounge seems pretty swanky from its website. I haven’t been back to Pulcinella in a while, but I hope it’s still as solid as my first visit.

I grabbed lunch with some colleagues today at Fish City Grill, which I’ve written about before. The service was still excellent and the food tasty (except for the clam chowder, which has a strange spice, so go with the jalapeño soup instead). We asked our server how business was, and she told us "hit or miss"; sometimes the place is full and sometimes only a couple of tables are taken.

I also tried Natsumi recently; their daily special — pink lemonade organic fat-free frozen yogurt — was my pick, and boy, was it tasty. I’m sure the summer sun will lead me in that direction sometime soon.

When I visited today, I saw signs for Veritas Wine next to Pulcinella and Soley! next to Capitol Pub. I did find a Veritas Wine online with various locations throughout the country, but don’t know if it’s the same company, or whether it’s perhaps related to the Washington, D.C. bar. I sent out an e-mail to check. The only information I can find on Soley! is that it’s currently hiring.

It appears that Andres Properties owns most of that stretch of Henderson. The company is leasing 2323 N. Henderson, and it looks like they’re developing some retail space at the corner of McMillan and Henderson, offering retail or office space behind Cafe San Miguel, and trying to find a buyer for the old Carnival store — among other things.

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