A police cruisers monitors traffic on Abrams this week.

After a NBC DFW story last week documenting numerous crashes, officers are upping patrols on Abrams Road to help remind neighbors to drive safely.

The narrow road is busy and hilly with staggered intersections, making it especially difficult to navigate. Neighbors on Vanderbilt, Velasco and Vickery have reported cars from Abrams ending up in their front yard, bedroom and laundry room. Recently, a rider on a scooter was hit and killed while heading home.

For the next two weeks, the city is conducting a traffic and speed study on Abrams, stationing police on site to monitor conditions.

In a Facebook post, councilman Mark Clayton indicated that an additional light could be installed on Abrams to improve the traffic conditions. “We’re a big city and the majority of our population can’t drive without FaceTiming,” he writes. “The upcoming bond program has money for seven lights in our district. It will help with problem areas on Mockingbird, Abrams and Buckner among others.”