Like watching “An Inconvenient Truth” or “Food Inc.”, I really don’t want to look at Dallas restaurant inspection scores. I’m afraid that — while I know I’ll learn something valuable — it will be disturbing. Recently, though, I came across this site that, among other things, lists poor and failing restaurants in one neat list. It’s updated monthly and I can’t resist visiting it regularly. As feared, a few places in our neighborhood have recently made the ick list: Chili’s Casa Linda scored a 73, which is passing, but is pretty low and requires a follow-up inspection; White Rock Sports Bar on Buckner scored a 70, which is one point above failing; and Simply Fondue on Greenville scored a 60, which so bad that it is only one point away from immediate closure. Sol’s Nieto, a place I visit often, recently scored a 76, which isn’t that bad, but considering that they failed just months before, you’d think they would try just a little harder.

The city’s web site allows you to search for restaurant scores by zip code.

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