Our editorial staff had a conversation recently about a trend we’re seeing at neighborhood school fundraisers — auctioning off students’ art. Hexter, St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Bernard have all found success with this method, and Fairefather Michael Langley recently incorporated the young 10paint5 artists into his shows.

I recently discovered a website that takes the concept one step further — turning students’ art into postage stamps as a school fundraiser.

Art Stamps is the name of the company, and the idea is similar to the recent craze of personalizing postage stamps with photos, except this company’s idea is rooted specifically in school fundraising. From the way the process is described, it looks like students create art, parents order stamps with their child’s art, and the school keeps 20 percent of whatever is sold.

Also, I don’t know if it’s any cheaper (and it’s definitely not as altruistic), but if you don’t want to organize a fundraiser, Art Stamps has the option of creating your own stamps directly through their website.

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