Palo Pinto and Alderson Feb. 8, 2016The sad part about searching for potholes in our neighborhood is that there’s no need to actually search: You can turn down just about any street and find one/some.

After grabbing a quick lunch today, Porky wandered down Alderson and dropped into this crater at Palo Pinto. Good thing it hadn’t been raining, or Porky may have needed mouth-to-snout resuscitation, and that’s an unsettling thought.

As always, Porky did his civic duty by reporting this pothole to the city’s 311 pothole reporting site today; the city service number for this request is 16-00052286, if you want to check progress. According to the website, the estimated response time is three days, and the estimated repair time is five days. We’ll let you know what happens.

There’s good news about Porky’s trip to Ledgestone Jan. 20: The city reported via email Feb. 6 that five potholes had been identified in the area, and they’re scheduled to be repaired. So that’s 17 days to check out the pothole vs. the estimated 3 days on the city’s 311 website. Looks like it could take up to 90 days to repair the potholes, though, according to the email.

If you have a pothole for Porky to inspect, let us know.

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