Porky at 5627 Ledgestone Jan. 20, 2016

Last week, Porky the Pothole Pig made his reluctant return to Dallas streets; retirement suited him just fine, but since the city is just treading water on street repairs this year, it seemed like a good time to help identify some of the potholes that still need to be repaired.

So Porky stopped by Ledgestone (north of Mockingbird, east of Abrams) at the request of Advocate reader Tina Hopkins Kimbell through our Lakewood/East Dallas Advocate Facebook page: “Our street and alley are the worst streets in the area. I have reported several times and the city says it is on a list that is only looked at every 4 YEARS!! My mother in law can’t drive her handicap van down our street because it physically hurts her! It’s ridiculous!”

Porky’s take: The street is pockmarked with potholes, failing repairs from past years and all-in-all is in pretty bad shape. The city could (and should) quickly repair the pothole Porky is pictured in (remember that Porky is about the size of a sheet of paper), but that’s just one of a hundred problems on Ledgestone.

As always, Porky reported this pothole to the city’s 311 online portal Wednesday, Jan. 20; the city says the portal is designed to take care of reported potholes within a week or so.

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