When I found out Lakewood resident Nicole Stewart’s 10-year-old Pomeranian is famous around the neighborhood, I couldn’t help wondering if Ellie should be the subject of an Advocate article. Maybe not a cover story—but then again, she sure is cute.

Part of her fame came with the growing popularity of a fellow Pomeranian pup named Boo, who has two books and more than 6,000,000 likes on Facebook. Sometimes, people mistake Ellie for the celebrity canine, and sometimes children mistake her for a tiny lion when she’s been given a “lion cut.”

“I can’t walk her around Mockingbird Station without being stopped by numerous fans,” Stewart says.

Ellie and Stewart have been together about four years, and Ellie even served as the ring bearer at Stewart’s wedding. Ellie, who seems to be very fashion-forward, wore a strand of pearls, a tutu and a tulle train.

The fame seems to go more to her belly than her head: Even after meeting strangers, Ellie often rolls over for a tummy rub, according to Stewart. She positions herself in front of Stewart’s Pilates clients so they can pet her while exercising. She’s also known for her noises.

“She is always verbal, whether it be a tiny sweet little snore to snorting like a pig when she sniffs the kitchen floor for scraps, to buzz-saw strength snoring at night,” Stewart says.

Ellie’s person is definitely story-worthy, too. Be sure to check out the article about Nicole Stewart and her storytelling show “Oral Fixation” in the January issue of the Advocate.