I got a little tour of the Kessler Theater, which is under construction, today. Edwin Cabaniss is turning the 1942 movie theater into a multipurpose space, which includes a live music venue. He and his wife, Lisa, are passionate about the project, and Edwin is minding the details closely. He’s consulted with architects, musicians, engineers and acoustic specialists to make sure that the venue, which will double as a dance studio, has great sound.
The theater originally was built for an 800-person capacity. But the reinvented Kessler will be much more intimate with a capacity between 275 and 300, Cabaniss said. That also helps with the parking situation on Davis – there’s no way he could get approval for 800 parking spaces. But he bought the adjacent property and tore down the little house that was on it so that the venue can have a parking lot in back.
The foundation has been poured, though it was delayed about two weeks, and everything is going on schedule, with a completion date expected sometime in December.

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