This map shows where vegetation management will be. Photo courtesy of Oncor.

Oncor is conducting tree trimming and vegetation management over the next few months to ensure safety and reliable electric service.

The utility provider found areas in East Dallas where reliability and safety can be improved, according to an Oncor presentation. Company crews learned outages in our area were caused by trees that have grown “dangerously close” to power lines. When tree limbs touch the energized lines, they can hinder reliable electric service and threaten public safety.

Years ago, The Advocate spoke with Bob Curry, a tree advocate who defended Oncor’s tree trimming practices.

Wright Tree Service has been hired to perform the vegetation management services. Any questions or concerns about their work should be directed to Oncor.

In September, The Advocate reported that seven trees were scheduled to be removed in the Big Thicket area near the lake. They were rotting and would likely drop larger limbs.

The project revolves around four places: two distribution feeders and one transmission line serving the areas between East Zacha and Lawther, plus a lake crossing that was scheduled to be completed by today. (See the map above.)

According to Oncor, the last time a comprehensive trim was conducted in these areas was 2015. Crews will create a 10-foot clearance, and Oncor has agreed to provide advance notice to customers and update Dallas City Council member Paula Blackmon and other key stakeholders.

East Zacha

For the East Zacha distribution feeder, most of the trimming will occur in alleyways and backyards, with some trimming near the lake. The line serves 1,419 homes and businesses including City Hospital at White Rock.

Neighbors served by this feeder should have received notification about the project Oct. 29. On Nov. 8, Oncor will try to contact customers and leave a door card with additional information about the project. All customers should be contacted no later than one week before the project begins on Nov. 29. Oncor expects the trimming to be completed on or before Jan. 10.

Transmission Line

Additional vegetation management is planned for the transmission line between North Buckner Boulevard and Lakeland Drive. This is a high-voltage line that serves 21,716 homes and businesses. Crews will clear the high brush from the right-of-way corridor, with trimming occurring in areas next to the line, including along Lakeland Drive, Vinewood, Mercer, Creel Creek and Springwater Drive. Side trim or tree removals may be required.

Wright Tree Service will try to make contact with neighbors affected and leave door cards beginning Nov. 29. All customer contacts will be made no later than one week before the project starts. Trimming is scheduled to begin Dec. 13 and be finished by Dec. 15.


The distribution feeder along Lawther Drive was last trimmed in 2016, and the line provides service to 819 properties. In this area, new growth has moved limbs closer to lines. Most of the trimming will be in alleyways and backyards. Trimming will be scheduled after the new year, and notifications will be sent out at that time.

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