The walkability of the neighborhood is about to get better with four new sidewalk projects scheduled for completion by the end of the year, District 9 City Councilman Mark Clayton said.

The first sidewalk will start at Lippitt and Sinclair avenues and connect Creekmere Drive to the neighboring park. The second will be made in the 146 block of Easton Road and connect to Northwest Highway.

Another sidewalk will start at Lake Highlands Drive and extend from Buckner to Easton. The last will span from Ruidosa and Shiloh roads to Casa View Elementary.

The locations were chosen based on high traffic rates and blind curves that create risks for pedestrians walking to school or the park, Clayton said. No other sidewalks exist in those areas.

Construction on the sidewalks is scheduled to start early this summer, but specific dates have not yet been set. The new sidewalks are separate from repairs and maintenance that will be made to existing sidewalks.