Nine workers at the Mockingbird Station Starbucks have signed a statement to unionize, saying their mental and physical needs are not being met. 

The news came early Wednesday morning in a tweet from SBWorkersUnited.

An Addison Starbucks location also made a similar statement to unionize the same day.

The Mockingbird Station workers say that Starbucks has forgotten the importance of its workers, making it a struggle for them to further represent the company. 

“We love the relationship we have with the community of which we are a part, and many of us are tenured partners,” the employees say in the statement. “However, it is difficult for us to come to work every day as we see the mental and physical health of our partners deteriorate as demands rise and support plummets. We want to have the dignity of being able to meet our basic living expenses and know that we will have the staff and tools to do our jobs well.”

Their letter was addressed to the president and CEO of the company, Howard Shultz, in hopes of change within their workspace such as, “… better working conditions, scheduling, labor and wages …”

In response to recent unionization efforts, Starbucks says, “We believe we can build a better experience working side-by-side than by sitting across a negotiating table.”

This is not the first time Starbucks locations in Texas have held elections to unionize, reports The Dallas Morning News.

The Mockingbird workers are hopeful that the company will work with them to solve their grievances, creating a better working environment.