This is how talented TXU is in fostering opposition to its plans to build 11 coal plants. It has managed to unite the environmental lobby, Laura Miller, Republicans in the state legislature, Senate Democrats in Washington and a bunch of people around here who normally wouldn’t even be in the same sentence with groups like Republicans in the state legislature. An environmental friend of mine, who dislikes the mayor even more than most, is actually willing to work with her on quashing the plants.

TXU has been able to build up such an interesting coalition because the company won’t negotiate and never admits it’s wrong. I don’t think there’s any doubt we need more electrical capacity, even among the aforementioned opposition. It’s just hat no one can figure out why TXU is so hell bent on doing it only with coal plants, as opposed to less dirty options like wind (which I know a little about because I write for a wind power magazine) and even conservation.