Jeffrey Bragalone in Bar None

Jeffrey Bragalone as The Most Interesting Tax Attorney in the World in Bar None Productions

Will Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head make it through their grueling divorce?

You’ll have to hop over Central to SMU campus to find out in this year’s comedy show by Bar None Productions.

For 30 years Bar None Productions has been proving that lawyers really do have a sense of humor, and Lakewood attorney Jeffrey Bragalone has been helping them for almost that long.

Bar None is an annual musical variety show featuring comedy skits, songs and dance numbers performed by Dallas-area attorneys. It’s sponsored by the Dallas Bar Association and Dallas Bar Foundation and supported by Dallas law firms.

This year marks the show’s 30th anniversary, so the performance titled, “XXX Obscenely Funny,” will be a compilation of the best skits from the past 30 years. It opens later this week on June 10 at the Greer Garson Theatre on the SMU Campus and continues for four performances.

Neighbor Bragalone has been participating in the show every year since the second show and he — like other East Dallas attorneys — will participate in multiple skits, including one of his personal favorites where he plays The Most Interesting Tax Attorney in the World (a parody based on the The Most Interesting Man in the World).

“We try to be more than a talent show,” he explains. “We actually do a lot of rehearsing. This year we’re doing a best-of, so it’s short on new material, but it’s packed full of past years’ favorites. It should be a good show.”

And it’s all for a good cause. One of Bragalone’s favorite things about the show is that it has raised more than $1.6 million for the Sarah T. Hughes Diversity Scholarships, which was created at Southern Methodist University’s Dedman School of Law in 1981.

“Over the years, it has been very gratifying to see that happen,” Bragalone says.

Bar None was created as an outlet for Dallas-area attorneys to blow off a little steam and make fun of themselves in a themed variety show.

Not to mention: “It’s one of the few times when we get to take a stab at judges where we don’t get in trouble for making fun of them, and then everyone has a good laugh about it,” Bragalone points out.

“Lawyers love the limelight. A lot of us are really just beat down frustrated actors, so this gives us a chance to satisfy that acting bug once a year.”

Check out the website for more information or to purchase tickets.

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