6907 Lakewood Blvd. Photo courtesy of Jenifer McNeil Baker

The Lakewood Early Childhood PTA is calling neighbors to take to the streets for the 44th annual Lakewood Home Festival.

Use your car, golf cart, bike or own two feet to explore the homes on the year’s tour, which will proceed as a street-view only event because of the coronavirus.

It will take place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Nov. 14-15.

“It was such a tough decision on whether or not to continue with the home festival this year,” said Jill Meyer, president of the Lakewood Early Childhood PTA. “Back in June when we were deciding, so much was up in the air around the coronavirus and what the fall would look like. Other events were being canceled left and right. We felt strongly that we had to keep our community safe, but we also knew how much this event and its traditions means to Lakewood. In the end, we think we came to a great solution to allow the event to proceed but in a unique, different way.”

Six homes are on this year’s tour. Only one at 6907 Lakewood Blvd. has been announced. The iconic home has received updates over the years, but it boasts many original features, including the front yard fountain, an interior fountain and a front door carved into the structure of the home.

“We are excited about a number of homes that had been on the ‘no’ list because they weren’t comfortable having people come into the home or they felt the home wasn’t quite ready,” Meyer said. “This allowed people to participate and support the home tour.”

Addresses and interior photos can only be found in the home tour guidebook, which can be pre-ordered for $20 in lieu of tickets. The guidebooks will have more pictures than ever, as well as word searches, coloring pages and other interactive activities for children.

Guidebooks can also be purchased from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Nov. 14 at Lakewood Elementary.

All proceeds go to schools in the Woodrow Wilson feeder pattern. Organizers are asking tour attendees to consider giving to the Lakewood Love campaign. Donors will be entered to win a glamping raffle package, which includes Yeti items, a golf cart rental and two cabin rentals at Wind Point Park, a campground about an hour east of Dallas.

“We’ve helped fund technology to facilitate virtual learning and safety supplies and have helped with peace pantries,” Meyer said. “We plan to continue all of that. The need is greater than ever.”

The home festival weekend will kick off with the Lakewood Live virtual auction party at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 13. The event will bring the “Saturday Night Live” stage into guests’ living rooms with pre-recorded skits, special musical performances and live and silent auctions. Guests are encouraged to don their SNL-inspired costumes and party in place.

Lakewood Live T-shirts and party packs — gift baskets filled with DIY cocktail kits, cups, beverage napkins and sweet treats for the kids — are available for purchase here. Several party packs come with bonus prizes, so be sure to buy when you’re feeling lucky.

“We really hope people will get out and enjoy the weather in whatever way people are comfortable with,” Meyer said.

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