Mural by Michael McPheeters at Knot Standard on Henderson Avenue. Photo by Renee Umsted.

There’s a new mural at a store on Henderson Avenue.

It’s on the side of Knot Standard, a custom clothing shop with locations across the United States.

Muralist Michael McPheeters was hired to do the work, and he completed it in a matter of weeks, Knot Standard employees say. He’s done many murals in Dallas, including the one at Sam’s Club Now on Greenville Avenue.

In the art, “Dallas” is painted in large letters, with each letter containing a different icon representing the city, such as the skyline, the Pegasus, the Ferris wheel at Fair Park, Dirk Nowitzki and the eyeball sculpture Downtown.

At the bottom of the mural, a man and a woman are depicted. The man is wearing a look featured on Knot Standard’s website, and the woman helps signify to customers that the brand now offers women’s clothing.

The background is filled with the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge.

This mural replaces a previous one, painted in 2014, that showed several men wearing suits.