A Lakewood kangaroo was loose in University Park.

If you’ve been waiting all year for the sequel of Lakewood’s holiday classic, “The Ugly Christmas Tree,” today is your lucky day.

Lakewood neighbor Lee Scammel, the creative genius behind the eight-minute YouTube video, was spotted Monday night dressed as a kangaroo and, of course, walking a Christmas tree in University Park.

While working on a construction project nearby, Scammel noticed a collection of several hundred light-up Santas in the 3600 block of Southwestern Boulevard. He decided to use it as a backdrop in his most recent YouTube movie, “The Lost Christmas Tree.”

In the clip, dubbed “Lakewood kangaroo loose in University Park,” a kangaroo waves to the camera and walks away. A Christmas tree follows a few seconds later.

It’s not clear why Scammel is dressed as a kangaroo, but maybe it’s a nod to the wallaby that was found wandering the neighborhood in March. Wallabies are cousins to kangaroos.

“I can’t see where I’m going, so don’t let me run over you,” said Scammel, who identified himself as Lee, the Lakewood Kangaroo, to a reporter from ABC affiliate, WFAA. “Absolutely nothing wrong with me. It’s my tree that’s got all the problems.”

Scammel enjoyed a bit of fame last year with his series of YouTube videos about Christmas trees. In “The Ugly Christmas Tree,” an unwanted tree wanders the neighborhood looking for a home after being tossed over a fence. It hitchhikes, rings doorbells and suffers indignities and misadventures. That was followed by “Christmas Tree Walking,” in which Scammel strolls down a neighborhood street with a tree on a leash.

Wayne Smith, the University Park homeowner who owns the Santa collection, wasn’t impressed.

“I’m not gonna walk around in my pajamas with fuzz on them dragging a tree,” he told WFAA.

Clearly, University Park neighbors don’t understand Lakewood’s sense of humor.

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