There’s a new cupcake in the neighborhood. Jackie Spratt Cakes moved to North Haskell last week, across the street from Dolly Python.

Owner Jackie Spratt says they moved from McFarlin and Hillcrest because of a lack of parking and “the college kids ran all over us.”

“The rent kept going up,” she says. “It was either go up on my prices or move.”

Now they have their own parking lot, and they love the neighborhood.

“We have a really cute space, and there’s a beauty shop next door,” Spratt says. “This whole area is being improved. I think it’s a gem in the raw.”

Spratt is known for her jumbo filled cupcakes, which are $5 and typically have a liquer filling, such as amaretto. That’s the only item the bakery keeps on hand. Everything else is custom order.

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