As the school board here in Dallas voted to extend Supt. Michael Hinojosa’s contract for an additional three years through 2015, the school board in Las Vegas decided to call for a vote Wednesday on whether to hire Hinojosa or Colorado Education Commissioner Dwight Jones. In the meantime, two Vegas board members will visit Dallas and Colorado on a “fact finding” mission to help determine the board’s vote.

The Dallas board voted 5-4 to extend Hinojosa’s contract; no vote was taken on increasing his pay. But if you’re an employee with nine bosses and four don’t care if you stick around or not, you should be able to see the writing on the wall.

Interestingly enough, check out this story in the Las Vegas Review-Journal about that board’s superintendent search, and read to the end for the reader comments, which are uniformly anti-Hinojosa and negative towards their local school board. If you read the comments on the Dallas News’ education blog, it’s exactly the same thing — based on these two samples, it appears that people who read newspaper blogs hate everything to do with public education and educators.

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