While tooling about White Rock Lake last weekend, dreaming of a lazy day in the sun, I found inspiration.  Cyclists, joggers, pet-walkers and moms pushing strollers:  All oozing exuberance from breathing the fresh spring air or perhaps the vitality that exercise brings.  (Something I’ve long forgotten.)  And yet, I was uninspired…until I chanced upon dozens of Dallas’ most dedicated encircling the banks with their pick-up sticks and black plastic bags in hand.  It was the second Saturday of the month, the day that the volunteers from ‘For the Love of the Lake’ gather to pick up all the funk that finds its way downstream from Plano and White Rock Creek to nestle its way onto the banks and among the reeds of our neighborhood lake.  From the comfort of my driver’s seat, I realized, marathoner or not, the best way to enjoy the lake is to take care of it.  So, I’m inspired to help.  And if you are too, visit whiterocklake.org. 

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