There are a couple of interesting posts on CNET today that are admittedly contradictory. In one, a survey of teens say that emailing is dead, and instead, Facebooking (is that actually a word?) and texting are the waves of the future. Meanwhile, an hour later, CNET noted somewhat wryly that new information contradicts what they had just reported: Email is not dead, according to a survey of adults, thanks in large part to the surge in mobile emailing, which is supposedly going to be the next big thing, for the next couple of months anyway.

I’m not a big fan of texting, primarily because my thumbs are too uncoordinated to communicate with the outside world. Also, in texting, much of the commentary seems to revolve around conversations that begin and end with a single word (would anyone knowingly pay a nickel or whatever to say only the word "hi" to someone?), I’m at a loss to know what direction to go in trying to make my next (make that my first) million. Any ideas? P.S. If email is dead, we’d better start learning some of the slang. If in a text or IM I say "TDTM", will you know what I mean? Note: I’m not saying this to you or anyone else!

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