White Rock Rowing’s women’s U-17 team of Isabella Cooper (middle) and Naomi Geiger (right) won the championship. Photo courtesy of White Rock Rowing parents.

Rowers from our neighborhood represented East Dallas well last weekend at the Young National Championships.

The competition in Sarasota, Florida, started June 10 and lasted until June 12.

Dallas United Crew and White Rock Rowing both sent teams to the championship, and both returned with wins. One of White Rock’s team, made of Naomi Geiger and Isabella Cooper, won the championship in the U-17 women’s pair.

Here’s how the rest of the teams did:

Dallas United Crew

  • The men’s U-17 team finished second in the B finals and eighth in the nation.
  • The men’s varsity eight team finished fifth in the D final and 24th in the nation.
  • The women’s four team finished fourth in the B finals and 10th in the nation.

White Rock Rowing

  • Bronze in the women’s U-17 4+. That team, coxed by Lucas VanWitzenburg, included Katherine Adams, Zoë Cramer, Linnea Roberts and Evelyn Fox.
  • Sixth place in the men’s U-17 4+
  • The men’s varsity eight team finished in the 18th spot.
  • The men’s varsity four team placed 19th.
  • The men’s 2 placed 23rd.

Find the full results here.

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