East Dallasite Brenda Bens makes beautiful Bohemian, along with many other styles of, jewelry. Photo courtesy of thesilverwire.com.

We featured them for their impressive home makeover, but this Hollywood Heights couple has some interesting endeavors brewing behind the scenes.

Wim and Brenda Bens, whose remodeled home was featured in the Before and After page of our April Home Design issue, needed the extra space for their respective side businesses (which they call “space intensive hobbies”) that are fun to know about. Brenda runs The Silver Wire Custom Jewelry Designs that features unique special occasion and everyday jewelry. Please note: we messed up her web address in the printed story. It should be thesilverwire.com, not silverwire.com. (That’s bad. We’re sorry!)

Wim is busy getting his home brewing business up and running. I hope to tell you more about that in an upcoming issue, but for now, follow his adventures on his Lakewood Brewing Company blog.

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