Photo by Benjamin Hager

Exciting news out of the CC Young Retirement Community: the Young Strikers will advance to the Wii bowling playoffs …

We told you all about the Young Strikers — showed you the team in all its glory, in fact (watch video) — in the April issue of Advocate magazine. If you didn’t see it, the Young Strikers are the Wii bowling team from C.C. Young Retirement Community near White Rock Lake. A couple months ago, the Young Strikers entered the National Senior League’s Wii Bowling tournament. Today, our home team announced that they are one of 64 teams out of hundreds to advance to the NSL 2011 Spring Championship.

Team member Dr. Benton, started bowling with his wife Fran when they were just 17 years old (they both live at C.C. Young now), is especially eloquent when explaining the joy of the Wii: “The things we enjoy here at C.C. Young is the commitment to the development of body, mind and spirit. Wii Bowling involves all three and gives us a flashback of things we used to do.”

The eight team members range in age from 50-ish to 90-ish. More about this high rolling group here …

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