Hello again. This week Dallas Frugal Foodie brings you a buffet secret.

Have you tried the Mediterranean place, Ali Baba, in the Lakewood Shopping Center? When I was a kid, the space was a grocery store, then a Wyatt’s Cafeteria, then a video store.

A few tenants beyond that and shazam! The corner of La Vista and Abrams currently offers us delicious Ali Baba.

They have some great food, much of which you can sample at their weekday, all-you-can-eat $12.99 lunch buffet.
Oh, that tasty Ali Baba hummus … so garlicky, so smooth, such an incredible accompaniment to just about anything sturdy enough to dip. And so many choices in the buffet for dipping to your heart’s content.

But here’s the thing: Your stomach is the size of your fist. Buffets have a bad habit of encouraging the shoving in of way too much.

Good news: You can have your myriad selections and eat them, too, in proper portion and at less cost.

There is a TAKE-AWAY OPTION for the Ali Baba buffet. Ask for a to-go container at the cashier stand, then fill ‘er up. Return to the cashier who will charge you by weight. The amount DFF can eat in one sitting is usually $4-7, the plate below ran $5.20.

Ali Baba lunch buffet in the Lakewood Shopping Center; Dallas, Texas

Such lovely colors and flavors in the Ali Baba buffet! This take-away portion was $5.20, priced by weight.

Mediterranean spiced, perfectly cooked veggies and salads abound, so DFF doesn’t waste time with meat here; it’s a perfect spot to live out Meatless Monday (or Tuesday or Wednesday). But if you do opt for meat, the chicken chunks are succulent, slightly charred on the outside, moist inside. DFF also forgoes pita. There are all the lovingly seasoned veggies to dip, instead. And the tabouli: Fresh, fresh, fresh. No pita saves calories and carbs, and using the veggies creates much more of a flavor party in your mouth.

All about choices when trying to eat BETTER. Every meal. Every bite.

Ali Baba
1901 Abrams Road.
Dallas, Texas 75214
BUFFET Mon – Fri: 11:00 am – 2:30 pm

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