Retail Plazas, Inc. has big changes planned for its Skillman-Abrams center

After inviting the community to rename the Skillman-Abrams shopping center set to host the new Alamo Drafthouse, Retail Plazas, Inc. has announced the winner.

The development will be called — drumroll — creekside.

Results of the December online Advocate poll were definitive – 45.9% of respondents chose Creekside, with The Gateway receiving 23.5% of votes. District Park came in 3rd with 15.6%, and Sendero and Watershed received fewer than 10% each.

“Creekside works well for that site,” said Cory McCord, RPI’s Director of Leasing. “We are really glad to have had the involvement of the neighborhood.”

The property backs up to White Rock Creek, and the creek serves as a boundary for Dallas and Richardson ISDs and for Dallas’ city council districts. During the name exploration process, the brainstorming team liked “Creekside” as “nostalgic, inviting and adaptable” and favored its “connection to the landscape.”

McCord says more good news about the property is expected soon and admits RPI was pleased to see DISD withdraw their plans to purchase Jake’s Hamburgers and surrounding businesses next door using eminent domain.

“We are continuing to monitor the situation,” said McCord, “as we feel a school landing close to the intersection could be disastrous for redevelopment of any nearby properties.”

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