Yesterday we told you about the 10 most-read stories on the Lakewood Advocate website this year.

Today we’ll tell you the 10 Advocate stories most talked about this year. These are the stories that generated healthy discussion in the Facebook comment section.

And we’ve selected a comment or two from each post to give a flavor of what our community has been praising, debating, suggesting and questioning.

1. New development on Garland Road Thrift Store site moving forward to Plan Commission 

Photography by Sam Gillespie.

“Great. I’m going to have to get one of those jobs that some ppl seem to have where they do nothing but jog and drink mimosas on a patio and make 2 million dollars a year. Anybody know where to find that?”

Christopher Marlow

“This is absolutely hot garbage. This is not what this community needs.”

Idali Juarez

2. Is the ‘American Dream’ of homeownership dying in Dallas neighborhoods? 

Courtesy Rent Cafe

“Dead to all those who don’t already own or chose a foolish career path like teaching or nursing. (Sarcastically says the teacher.)”

Tom Parr IV

“It is not that they [millennials] don’t want to own, but many can’t take on a mortgage with student debt already crushing them.”

Kelly Grandjean

3. Past homeowner replaced windows without approval. The current owner pays the price 

House on Vanderbilt Avenue. Photo by Renee Umsted.

“Realtors need to be legally responsible to notify buyers when they are moving into a historic/conservation district. I don’t know how you can even be a legit Realtor in Dallas and not know where the conservation districts are.”

Mark Reeves

“I guess the moral of the story is don’t paint your brick?”

Michael Lobmeyer

4. Lakewood Elementary is the 27th best elementary school in Texas, according to US News & World Report 

Lakewood Elementary. (Photo by Rasy Ran)

Lakewood Elementary. (Photo by Rasy Ran)

“Beating ALL the Park Cities elementary schools.”

Rains J Kyle

5. Rodeo Goat moving into old Highland Park Cafeteria space in Casa Linda Plaza 

Photo courtesy of Rodeo Goat via Facebook.

“Oh yay, another burger place, in the center where there is a burger place, and a bar that serves burgers, and a restaurant that serves burgers.”

Parvin Sisomphou


Meghan Delaney

6. Former 20 Feet Seafood Joint to house pizza place 

Photo courtesy of Zalat Pizza via Facebook.

“Whyyyy! GAPCo is all we need!!”

Wintress Ross

“I can’t tell you how much we missed 20 Feet. It was a favorite on our family Friday dinner out with dog rotation.”

Linda Boorman

7. The Village once was a mecca for singles. Now it houses 11,000 Dallasites of all ages 

“Late 80s; Thursday night burger nights in the Country Club. Dixie Chicks before they hit the big time, performing in the corner of the room. Lived in The Hill as a single, The Green as newlyweds.”

Brent Cooper


Aaron Husak

8. New single-family development at Highland and Barbaree approved by Council 

Aerial perspective of Highland grove

“‘Expected to be priced between $675,000-$1,000,000’ Oh good, finally some affordable housing.”

William Everest Poppins

“In a floodplain. Not smart.”

Maura Wright Conley

9. Construction on Gaston-Garland-Grand begins soon, continues through 2023 

Map courtesy of the Texas Department of Transportation.

“Ugh. Looks like I’ll be avoiding this intersection for the next 15 months!”

Monica Moore

“About time!”

Gilda Kessner

10. Construction at Lakewood Shopping Center makes way for new tenant 

Construction at 6400 Gaston Ave. in Lakewood Shopping Center. Photo by Renee Umsted.

“I miss Dixie House 😢”

Jonathan Enriquez

“Sorry to say this will fail. It needs a Mesero or a good family restaurant.”

Manuel Gonzalez

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