Woodrow Wilson High School alumnus. Photo courtesy of Rains J Kyle via Facebook.

One Woodrow Wilson alumnus from the class of 1972 was involved in a motorcycle wreck in 1981, and he’s had problems with his memory because of it.

But even the brain damage isn’t strong enough to make him forget his good times at Woodrow.

The graduate’s son recently took him to visit his wife at Grove Hill cemetery. And then the stories started about how he and his wife met and about all the great memories from his Woodrow days.

The son asked if he remembered how to get back to campus. They headed over straight away.

“Every street we turned down he would grin from ear to ear and tell me a story of something that happened that he remembered as a kid,” the user posted. “His short term memory is gone but he still has these. We had a blast today.”

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