The Mount Auburn neighborhood is undergoing a transformation, and the future Starbucks at Winslow Avenue and I-30 is now part of it. The way-too-early pumpkin spice purveyor will shape the future of the neighborhood.

Developers are purchasing and building on lots in the neighborhood that feeds Mount Auburn Elementary and Woodrow Wilson High School at a rapid pace. Older bungalows are being scraped for modern four bedroom homes that are upwards of $600,000, which is likely to attract a different kind of neighbor than the multi-generational families that often live in the area now. The bungalows, even when flipped, usually sell for less than $400,000. The interest in the neighborhood is great for those wanting to sell, but the neighborhood will change.

And now, a Starbucks on Winslow. The commercial area between Samuell Grand Park and I-30 is still populated with  quinceañera boutiques and taco shops, but the Starbucks is under construction, like the covered wagon of a gentrification pioneer cresting over a hill in 1800s Nebraska. Starbucks did not decide on a whim to add a location there, they know what they are doing. It will certainly be a popular spot for I-30 traffic, and the neighborhood is likely to embrace it. Most do.

Like most demographic measures in Dallas, there is a stark north-south divide for Starbucks locations, and while this location is technically just north of I-30, it speaks to the changing nature of the neighborhood.

The new homes and businesses could improve the property values for home owners in the area, who may be able to sell at higher price, but changes aren’t always welcome.

We haven’t heard back from Starbucks about when exactly the store will be open, but will update when we do.

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